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Green Frog Drain Stenciling

This is a community run program that aims to raise awareness about storm water pollution. Volunteers choose priority areas and paint a green frog stencils onto storm water drains to remind local residents that storm water does not receive any treatment. The water entering storm drains flows straight into our local rivers and wetlands.

Pollutants entering storm water drains cause algal blooms, kill wildlife and make our rivers and wetlands unhealthy.

Everyday household items are pollutants once they enter our waterways. Things such as:

  • detergents and soap,
  • fertilisers, lawn clippings, garden waste and soil,
  • dog poo,
  • rubbish,
  • oil, paints, solvents and
  • pool chemical and other chemicals.

These items are pollutants as they result in excess nutrients into our waterways, introduce foreign microbes, change soil and water chemistry, or are toxic.

Please try to prevent such items entering our storm water and harming or local waterways and rivers.

Download the flyer here:
 CRWG Flyer

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