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Who we are

Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group (AGLG), formed in 1998, is an independent, incorporated, not-for-profit organisation that focuses on implementing urban Landcare projects and educating the local community about environmental issues. AGLG has operated within the Cities of Armadale and Gosnells, the boundaries of which closely align to the Upper Dyarguu (Canning), Southern and Wungong River catchments.

The group’s committee is made up of representatives from local environmental groups and passionate individuals whom meet regularly to discuss local issues and strategically guide the organisations activities. Working with a wide range of volunteers (including community groups, school students, corporate volunteers, religious organisations and many others) AGLG has an impressive history advocating for the environment and building community capacity in managing local natural resources.


  • To implement the Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group Strategic Plan 2008 – 2018
  • To ensure policy makers are aware of their environmental responsibilities to the catchment and its rivers
  • To support, assist, promote and coordinate community based groups to care for the catchments and their waterways
  • To promote the river as an educational resource

Objectives for Catchment Management

  • Improve water quality protection
  • Develop public awareness and advocacy program
  • Reduce pollution from land use activities
  • Reduce degradation in the rivers and catchments
  • Protect, maintain and restore vegetation and biodiversity
  • Ensure integrated land management in the catchment
  • Improve strategic and local planning for Natural Resource Management

Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group Strategic Plan 2008-2018

The Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group (AGLG) is an independent, incorporated local catchment group. To date, the activities of the AGLG have been directed by the Upper Canning Southern Wungong Catchment Management Plan, prepared in 1999. However, since the existing plan was published there have been some significant changes and advances to natural resource management. To keep abreast of these changes, the AGLG have prepared a Strategic Plan, which aims to direct the activities of the Group into the future. This plan is formulated on an asset-based approach and includes a number of actions, many of which may be implemented in partnership with key stakeholders.

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